Drawing + Design

A friend asked me recently how I draw up a plan for my furniture. Just like in landscape architecture and construction, a well vetted plan can help identify early pitfalls. 

I always start with a few simple sketches for form and proportion.  I'm always doodling and I think it's important to capture these off the cuff ideas. You just can't draw enough.


Once an idea starts getting firmed up I will draw it in AutoCad. This allows me to get inside, see the critical dimensions and really plan out the individual parts.  It is super nerdy, but I get a kick out of the precision. 

acad screen.jpg

 At this point I also create a 3-D model in SketchUp. With a model I can anticipate how different parts will interact visually, verify massing and see how parts move - like doors and drawers.  I often go between the Cad plan and model making several revisions to each. 

table 2.jpg
table 2 wlnt.jpg

These plans end up living in the shop.  They collect notes on dimensions, ideas and more doodles.


After all of that I build full size prototypes, but that's another topic.