Welcome to Alibi Woodworks

Where we are now

Wow.  So, its February already.  It has been a whirlwind around here.  First, let me welcome you to Alibi Woodworks.  This site has been in the making (in my head) for some time, now.  Start small, go slow.  As Dieter Rams says "less, but better."  That pretty much sums up what Alibi is all about.  Right now, this is a gallery of furniture created and a blog of ideas, processes and creation.  

This all started with an idea. A kind of question.  Why not just make it?  I guess you're not supposed to make things anymore.  When I was growing up, I remember watching my father make his own tools to finish a job at hand. Making things has always seemed natural to me. But, there is this disconnect between the time when everyone made something and now. A loss of craft. We could lament that, for sure. Instead - let's be that change.  Now, I don't mean we should all be Luddites and scorn modern convenience.  Maybe we should just think a little more about where things come from.  Take craft beer. I love craft beer and living in San Diego I am at the epicenter of the movement. That whole thing started because someone asked, why not just make it?  A little passion and a little creativity and things get started.


Whats next

Here's to 2014.  There are lots of really exciting projects coming up; an ultra groovy mid century / modern desk; our little side table is getting some friends...with a few more drawers; and a dresser so good looking you will want to take your clothes off just to put them in it.

Table bases by modernconscience.com.  Amazing reproductions of Eames Dowel Chair bases.

If you see something on the site you that you want to order, just contact me.  I'm currently working to find the best shipping methods before rolling out the whole e-commerce portion of the site.  I am also using this time to create some real interesting prototypes. 


This is Cali.  She loves hand crafted furniture almost as much as sleeping.  Almost.